Cristóbal organic


Cristóbal organic wines are crafted with distinct, authentic and natural characteristics. They are produced using  rigorous winemaking methods aimed at preserving freshness, structure, balance and our identity.

Breaking new ground in Argentine viticulture, this organic Verdelho wine stands out as a pioneer of its kind. With enticing aromas of passion fruit and wildflowers, it surprises the palate with layers of guava and papaya, balanced by a zesty acidity that leaves a trail of intrigue and satisfaction with each sip.


2 months in stainless steel tank.

Pellicular maceration for 2 to 3 hours in a wine press at low temperatures, followed by cold decantation for 24 hours. Subsequent alcoholic fermentation of the limpid must induced by selected yeast authorized for organic production in stainless steel tanks, at a controlled temperature between 15ºC and 18ºC. Contact with the lees for 2 months once the alcoholic fermentation is finished.


Since 2023, some of the wines we produce have received organic certification.



Juan Cristóbal

Finca La Niña



Cristóbal Organic

Cristóbal Barrel Selection


Cristóbal Extra Brut