Our commitment to sustainability has inspired us to choose new production paradigms that contemplate the care of natural resources at each stage of production. Because we understand that wines that express our terroir can only come from vineyards in balance with their natural environment, every day we strive to be more sustainable.


We work diligently every day with a commitment to obtaining high-quality grapes cultivated  in environments that prioritize respect for nature.

  • After several years of meticulous study of the ecosystems on our farms, since 2023, all our vineyards have been certified organic by Ecocert.

  • We nurture the soil by cultivating herbaceous vegetables between the rows.

  • Utilizing precision farming techniques, we monitor the water content of the vines to ensure the judicious use of water. Additionally, we have implemented a drip irrigation system in 90% of our farms.

  • We actively promote the preservation of native flora and fauna, maintaining uncultivated areas with remnant vegetation to foster biodiversity.

  • Our vineyard interventions involve farming practices aimed at enhancing the health of the vines, and we imploy biological techniques for integrated pest management.


In the winery we adhere to protocols and procedures dedicated to environmental care, all while upholding international standards.

  • Since 2018 we have been certified under the Sustainability Protocol by Bodegas de Argentina, making us one of the pioneering wineries in the Cuyo region committed to sustainability in wine production.

  • We meticulously measure our water usage to ensure compliance with international standards relative to the liters of wine produced.

  • Our commitment to environmental responsibility extends to waste management; we actively separate and recycle our waste, collaborate with suppliers to reuse packaging, and strive to minimize material consumption overall.

  • To mitigate the environmental impact of our packaging, we opt for lightweight bottles and utilize cardboard cases that can be recycled.

  • We closely monitor and measure energy consumption to enhance efficiency.

  • Demonstrating concern for animal welfare, since 2019, we have certified private protocols ensuring our production is vegan and free from inputs of animal origin.

  • Our dedication to food safety is evident in every winemaking decision. Since 2016, we have maintained certification under the international Hazard Analisis Critical Control Point (HACCP) standard, implementing  strict controls for the continuous improvement of our processes.


  • Since 2023, some of the wines we produce have received organic certification, ensuring that they are free of added flavors, colors and synthetic preservatives. We craft our organic wines by allowing nature to do its work, while continually exploring the best practices to enhance their quality.


Each bottle of Don Cristobal wine reflects our family’s core values and dedication to delivering exceptional quality and innovation. We continuously assess and invest in every stage of production to ensure and maintain our high standards, attaining the most stringent certification benchmarks.