Our Team

From our vineyards in Mendoza to our administrative collaborators, numerous individuals contribute their efforts in diverse and distinct areas of the company.

We are proud to have a  dedicated team of 40 individuals who are committed to deliver delectable wines. We continually strive for daily self-improvement and ongoing enhancement in our pursuit of providing you with a delightful wine experience. Let us introduce some of the key members of our team.

Cristóbal  plans and executes the company’s strategy while managing finances. He also travels globally to present and sell our wines.

Cristóbal Lapania

Economist,  CEO

Carine supervises various stages of the production process and serves our global clients.

Carine Lapania


Diego is responsible for winemaking process and his decisions play  a vital role in defining the quality and and final characteristics of our wines.

Diego Medina

Oenologist, Chief Winemaker

Noelia oversees oenological operations, ensuring the final quality of the product. She is also an expert in the regulations applicable to the activity.

Noelia Verdejo


Santiago manages the farms to cultivate the best quality grapes. Together with his team, they care for 420.000 vines.

Santiago Videla

Agricultural Engineer

Gabriel oversees the supplies, bottling and labeling process, managing  almost 1 million bottles per year.

Gabriel Cassese


Florencia implements, manages and monitors compliance with the company’s sustainable strategy,  international standards and certifications.

Florencia Seca

Camila plays a crucial role in managing financial records, ensuring compliance with local regulations, and providing financial information to support decision-making.

Camila Pezoa


Andrea serves and takes care of our online customers throughout Argentina.

Andrea Bakos